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Water Tanks for Drought Affected Areas in Indonesia

At least 48 million people are threatened by drought in the dry season this year. Seven provinces are alerted for drought emergency, including Banten, West Java, Central of Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara.

Hydro-meteorological disasters have over many years dominated natural disasters in Indonesia, which is often flooded during the rainy season and very dry, and remains extremely dry in certain regions during the dry season.In Central Java, some 360 villages in 31 of the province’s 35 districts are prone to drought this year. Even as Central Java has begun to experience its dry season since early June, eight villages in the Banyumas District have already begun facing a water crisis.


The campaign aims to install water tanks to help provide safe and clean water for drought affected areas in Indonesia.

Targeted Beneficiaries

In many villages across central Java and other places, a common sight is seeing people queued for collecting water from a hole dug on a dried up riverbed.

Most of those standing in these lines are young children who want to take water for shower before they can go to school. The children carried cans and gallons, patiently waiting in front of the one-meter-deep pit. The locals called such hole belik. Within ten minutes, it can hold forty liters of water if lucky. This project will help the needy and drought affected people who are suffering from clean and safe water crisis.

GlobalSadaqah will help provide water tanks which will facilitate clean and safe water, especially for young children and nursing mothers.