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MYR 2650
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Water for Community in Bangladesh


Access to safe water and hygiene promotion is very hard in some areas in the central part of Bangladesh due to its geographical characteristics. Possibility of hard soil, stone, rock, arsenic and iron contamination in the area is very high. Most of the people are poor in terms of their socioeconomic condition. Installation of a safe water facility is very hard for the community. As a result, water borne diseases, malnutrition are high.

On the other hand, poor hygiene and sanitation conditions in Bangladesh are, among others reflected in some facts like; Poor hygiene practices are still prevalent in the rural areas.  Bangladesh has achieved a remarkable success in providing access to drinking water for its rural population and by the end of the last millennium nearly 97% of the people were believed to be served by about 11 million hand tube-wells.


The objective of this appeal is to increase safe water among the targeted communities by building 100 units shallow tube wells and 32 units deep tube wells and to increased sanitation and hygiene practices.


1584 families (7920 individuals) ensured for a safe water facility

  • Families living In WASH vulnerable areas
  • Families have access to safe water within 500 meter
  • Families that does not have hygienic sanitation facilities


Selected Unions in Muktagacha Upazila in Mymensingh and Modhupur Upazila in Tangail