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RM 5000
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Providing Ready To Eat Food Packets To Dhuafa in Indonesia

Indonesia has been severely hit with the Covid-19 pandemic with the number of positives skyrocketing across the country resulting in many fatalities. To deal with such gigantic numbers, doctors and other medical personnel have been battling the pandemic on the front-lines.

This campaign aims to provide ready to eat food packages to both the medical workers as well as the extremely poor families (zakat eligible) that were affected by the pandemic, resulting in loss of livelihood.

GlobalSadaqah’s strategic partner, Sharifah Food Sdn. Bhd will manufacture ready to eat food packs and ship them to Indonesia. Under the guidance and supervision of Yayasan Halal Indonesia, these easy to store and make food packs will be distributed to dhuafa families. Sharifah Food aims to raise RM 200,000 eventually for this entire project.

Yayasan Halal Indonesia will be working with Social and Humanitarian Aids Fund Indonesia (SHAF Indonesia) which was founded in Bogor in 2006. SHAF receives donation to help poor communities in the form of social charity, training, and education support for children who have dropped out of school, giving a soft loan to home industry, supporting natural disaster victims, masjid renovation etc.

It’s not just about the quantity of the donation. The main aim is the quality of our donations and being a part of circulating well for the sake of Allah.