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Masjid Abu Bakar Phase 4: Installing Doors and Windows

Masjid Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq is the main community center in Kampung Islami Thoyibah and other surrounding residential areas such as Taman Madinah and Taman Rahmani. It is the only masjid available in the radius of 5 kms.

Despite the masjid being partially constructed, the local community is very attached to their upcoming Masjid and have made it a point to pray their 5 times congregational daily prayers there.

Alhamdulilah it has been an honour to have our donors throughout this journey. We have managed to:

Phase 1: Relaunch the construction work of the Masjid. 

Phase 2: Male and Female Wudhu Sections

Phase 3: Installing a Minbar

Based on the reports of the team on the ground, we are now moving forward to Phase 4 which is to install the doors and windows for the main building.

Join us in facilitating a secure space for worshipers. Most importantly, aim for a continuous reward of Sadaqah by Allah for the utilization of the masjid by the community.