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RM 3129
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Baytuna Residence Masjid – Banten, Indonesia

The EthisCrowd community has come together to invest in the development of the Baytuna Residence subsidized housing estate located at Banten, Indonesia. The city is among the most highly populated cities in Indonesia and is only 72 km away from the capital city of Jakarta.

In this project, EthisCrowd plans to crowdfund the construction of 30 out of the total of 92 houses, providing affordable and sustainable housing to 368 people. With the strong support of our investors, the campaign has been fully funded and construction is already underway.

The EthisCrowd community is also raising charity funds for the estate’s Masjid that will act as a versatile community center and central location for the housing development.

Donate to help build the Baytuna Residence Masjid!


The total area of the Masjid is 110 m², covering both the Ground Floor (70 m²) and the First Floor (40 m²). The cost per m² is IDR 2,500,000.

This Crowdfunding campaign is to sponsor the ground floor, which costs:

70 m² x IDR 2,500,000 = IDR 175,000,000 or approximately RM 54,260


Targeted beneficiaries

The targeted beneficiaries are the soon-to-be community of Baytuna Residence. The majority of Banten Residents are classified as the “Tani” people – those who work in agriculture in farms. The Tani people share close family ties with one another which is clearly evident in their community interaction.

The rationale

What really makes a community thrive is their sense of unity. This community Masjid will create a sense of belonging and community empowerment as residents come together to do the daily congregational prayer and engage in various beneficial activities together. The Masjid will be a platform where people can share their joy with the community and at the same time, it can act as a support for those in need.

Congregational prayer teaches to come together to serve the commands of Allah, putting aside petty differences and stand shoulder to shoulder. It teaches us to have unity of direction, objective and leadership whilst at the same time eliminates the spirit of individualism and isolation. It also helps one to fight against selfishness and arrogance. All of this can be achieved from the community Masjid.

EthisCrowd hopes to attract the world to fund the building of houses that become a community of real homes. We believe that an uplifting environment will empower and inspire these low-income families to push harder and overcome poverty, and most importantly create a more conducive environment for the upbringing of their children.

The objectives

In Islam, a mosque is far more than just a place of worship. It is a center for learning the religion and the Quran, a place for both joyous and sad gatherings, a place to share knowledge and reflect upon it, a place where people come to worship their Lord five times a day, and place to lend your hand to support your neighbours in need.

A mosque unites the community together. As narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that a person who builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, Allah will in return build a house for the person in Paradise. So let’s begin building our homes in Jannah today. Join this noble project NOW.

Project outputs

A community centre for prayer, worship, knowledge, celebrations and unity.