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Aqua Project: Water & Health Sector in Sabah

Water is one of the most basic needs for humans. Having clean water, clean toilets, and basic hygiene are essential for the survival and development of children. A lack of these means that children are more prone to issues such as water borne diseases, illness, and stunted growths, to name a few. Under the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector, IRM aims to ensure communities have enough access to clean water supplies and basic sanitation. As of January 2019, we have identified a community in Sabah that would benefit from WASH projects.



In Sabah, both gaps between ethnic and geographical differences need to be scrutinised to ensure that no communities are dropped out of the mainstream of economic development in Sabah. Efforts to eradicate poverty in Sabah are particularly challenging due to the demographic and geographical nature of the state. Most underprivileged people in Sabah live in rural areas.



Many of them are still plagued by poverty, as most rural people are still involved in low productivity activities. This project is to ensure people in the village can consume clean water and free from any diseases while it is one of the awareness campaigns to signify on hygiene and sanitation. USIM’s 3rd year students of Quranic & Sunnah studies, Maryam Nur Imran & Rabaatul Adawiyah Junus, with numerous humanitarian missions involvement are leading the project. Systematic pipes will be installed from the wells to connect with residential areas including agriculture and mosques.




  • To ensure community has enough access to clean water supplies and latrines.
  • To increase awareness on hygiene and sanitation within the community.
  • To improve the community‚Äôs standards of living by ensuring their utmost basic needs are met.



3000 individuals (approx. 200 families)